Our By Special Invitation program provides an opportunity for individuals represented by local organizations from a wide array of socioeconomic backgrounds to attend a full production of Ballet Idaho’s mainstage performances free of charge.

Sponsored blocks of tickets are distributed to local social service organizations and individuals who would not otherwise have the means or opportunity to attend a live performance. Approximately 2,800 children, veterans, refugees, and their families benefit from the program each season, adding up to about $100,000 in tickets.

By Special Invitation furthers a significant part of Ballet Idaho’s core mission; to bring diverse groups of people together for a common experience and communicate through fine music, choreography, performance, scene design and costumes, a deeper understanding of the way in which classic ballet relates to the other arts and the values of Western culture.

This page features a ballet video titled Ballet Idaho’s “By Special Invitation” Program – English Language Center. The ballet company performing in this ballet video include Ballet Idaho. Choreography featured in this video is by .