Choreography: Hofesh Shechter
Stellvertretender Künstlerischer Leiter Hofesh Shechter Company: Bruno Guillore
Choreografischer Assistent: Chris Evans
Costume Design: Frauke Schernau, Hofesh Shechter
Lighting Design: Fabio Antoci, Hofesh Shechter

»Where is that special moment when we cross the invisible line towards pathological insanity, and who determines its location?« The investigation of such norms is also one of Hofesh Shechter’s artistic preoccupations. The Israeli made his name with »Political Mother«, a furious analysis of contemporary society and politics. »But,« writes Shechter, »anger can be a driving force behind my work. I want to share this with the audience, to transform it into something constructive, something positive.« Regarding his brand new piece for Semperoper Ballett, Shechter promises something dynamic, »with a sense of drive and impulse. It will be a dazzling and restless work, one that will leave a strong impression on the audience!«

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This page features a ballet video titled »Corpse de Ballet« I. The ballet company performing in this ballet video include Dresden Semperoper Ballett. Choreography featured in this video is by .