Illinois Classical Ballet

a Dance School in Highland Park, Illinois

YAGP Outstanding Award, WBAC Best school Award, Illinois Classical Ballet is a pre-professional ballet school in a Greater Chicago Area focused on providing challenging world-class ballet training for the children 8-16 years. The main focus is on developing well-rounded dancers with an emphasis on classical ballet technique and key elements of the Vaganova Curriculum. We provide individualized instruction for each student, based on extensive professional performing careers and solid pedagogical backgrounds, and believe that every child deserves a teacher who will see their potential to achieve and maximize their success, no matter what path they choose for their future.

Age Range

10 - 16

Classes Offered

Classical Ballet, Pointe, Variation Class, Character Dance


Admission to the Advanced and Pre-Professional programs is determined by Audition Only Advanced and Pre-professional program is designed to develop a strong solid foundation in classical ballet and provides an intensive ballet training experience for students who want to pursue careers as professional dancers or find success in other fields. The curriculum includes daily Ballet Technique class, as well as Pointe, Batterie, Variations, Repertoire, Character, Conditioning, Floor Barre classes

Performing Opportunities

At the beginning of the school year, all students receive an information regarding events, planned by Illinois Classical Ballet during school year such as International ballet competitions,end-of-the-year recitals, fairs and festivals, and local communities’ fundraising events. Detailed information for each performance, including required rehearsal and performance times, is announced to the students, who have confirmed their intention to participate in the event.


Illinois Classical Ballet has a limited number of scholarships for the 2020 year

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Sunday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Illinois Classical Ballet Summer Intensive

Program is designed for young dancers to achieve individual progress in ballet training with a strong focus on the precision of technique, increased strength, and artistry. Daily classes include ballet technique, pointe, batterie, petite and grande allegro combinations, variations, classical repertoire as well as weekly classes in character, stretching/strengthening, body conditioning, and floor barre. Our goal is to encourage young dancers to continue their training throughout the summer in their home communities, receiving the same high-quality personalized attention focused on individual needs as they would receive in a professional environment.

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