Positions: Second Position Basics

Second Position in classical ballet technique is a position where the dancer’s legs and feet are equally turned out and facing away from each other. While there is a second position of the arms, today we’ll talk about the basics of second position with the legs and feet.

The most easy way to think of second position is to think of a wider first position. Think of everything you know about first position but widen the distance between your feet. Simple as that!

Let’s review what we know about first position basics so we can apply them to second position:

  • Your legs and feet are turned out the same distance, no matter how closed or open that may be.
  • Your knee caps are pointed over your toes.
  • Your pelvis is straight up and down, as opposed to tucking or sticking out.
  • In first position, the heels are touching or no further than an inch or so.

Basic Ballet Technique of Second PositionNow, after you’re standing in a good first position, simply slide one of your feet out so the distance between your heels is about should width apart, maintaining the turnout. You may even find the position is a little easier than first because your legs are further apart.

And that’s the basics for second position of the legs and feet in classical ballet technique. While it may seem like a very basic step and position compared to others, it is just as important to a solid ballet technique!