Welcome to BalletHub Support.  Here you can find answers to common questions as well as contact us should you need additional assistance or have other questions. Based on your feedback, the Support page will be revised soon to have more information about using BalletHub.  Thank you.

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Listing on BalletHub

  • I created an account but can’t login/didn’t receive an email!
    When you create an account with BalletHub, you have to supply your email.  This email address should be one that you use and have access to because BalletHub will send you an email to verify that it’s yours. If you used the wrong email, you will need to create a new account with a new username and the correct email address.  If you used the correct email but don’t see a verification email within 2 minutes of signing up, please check your email’s spam/junk box.  If it appears there, you will need to add “” to your whitelist or accepted email filter in your email account. Once you verify your account, you can freely log in to BalletHub!
  • How do you accept payments?
    BalletHub accepts online credit card payments by Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover or Diners’ Club cards.  Only premium listings require setting up a form of payment.
  • Are payments with BalletHub secure?
    Absolutely.  We’ve taken many steps to increase security on BalletHub. Your sensitive credit card information is never stored on our servers.  It goes directly to our payment processor over a secure connection. We utilize three third-party anti-virus scan and response providers on our servers and website. We do this all to provide a worry-free experience for our customers.
  • How will payments appear as on my card statement?
    You will see charges for your premium listing(s) made on BalletHub as “BALLETHUB, LLC” on your card statement.

Social & Forums

  • Am I allowed to solicit or advertise my services/schools/companies through friend requests, private messsages or the forums?
    BalletHub does not allow it’s members to solicit or advertise services, companies, schools, summer programs, or anything else ballet or dance related through private messages, friend system or forums.  If you would like to list your organization, please create a listing. 

    If a member is contacting you through a private message offering services or advertisements, please let us know using the support form.