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12 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on BalletHub

Be Found Locally

Your listing will appear to visitor's in your area! Our platform is designed to display local listings (within a 50 mile radius) to visitors on almost every page. Learn More »

Awesome Features

From photo galleries, video, social media links and location maps, BalletHub listings are far more engaging and informational than other online or printed offerings and advertisements.
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Easy Editing

Want to update some details or change out some pictures? No problem. Make instant changes to your listing anytime with our easy to use editing panel! It's as easy as updating familiar social media.

Price & Value

Creating a listing on BalletHub is not only less expensive than most advertising options, but it offers tons more features making it an incredible value. See Our Pricing »

Increased Exposure

BalletHub listings can help increase your organization's exposure, which can help increase enrollment, performance attendance and general awareness.

Ad Free

With an upgraded, premium listing there are no additional ads that pull your listing visitors' attention away from your listing.

Phone & Tablet Ready

Your listing is mobile ready! Meaning that if someone visits your listing through a phone or small tablet, it will still look great without them having to pinch around and look at tiny font.

Clean & Clear Design

Your listings will look great! Unlike other out-dated looking and cluttered online directories, your listing will appeal to visitors. Simply enter your information and our platform handles the rest.

Fast & Easy

Creating your listing takes no time at all with our easy to use platform. Simply include as much or as little information as you like, and edit it at anytime. No more messing and waiting around with sending information over email.

Cross Promotion

Your listings are automatically linked together to provide optimal and relevant cross promotion within your organization. Schools and Summer Programs link to each other, while Schools and Companies with their respective performances, and Auditions with their Company or Summer Program.

Reach the World

Online advertising surpassed print for the first time in 2012 and for good reason. Creating a listing on BalletHub gives the opportunity for anyone across the world to see it online, not just those who pay for a magazine.

Devoted Team

The BalletHub team is passionate about providing an excellent online service. For both our listers and regular visitors, we want to provide the best online hub for everything ballet. We've already created a unique service, but we won't stop there as we continue to create new features.

There's Nothing Like BalletHub. Really!

Between the ease of creating and updating your own beautiful looking listings that can reach the world, no other service's or publication's features can compare. And we're not done yet!

On top of that, our listings are a great value. Take a look for yourself and do some research, we're confident you'll find there is simply nothing else quite like BalletHub.

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Location Targeting. Maximum Exposure.

Your listing doesn't just appear on the "Find" pages, but for every visitor within a 50 mile radius to your listing.

How it Works

Let's say someone from Atlanta, Georgia visits BalletHub. Our platform will get every published listing within 50 miles of Atlanta, Georgia and then choose atleast two at random, displaying them in different locations on page. This happens on almost every page of BalletHub!

Local Competition

If you find that no one in your area has yet to post a listing, this would mean that your listing would show every time someone in your area visits, meaning you're getting all of the available advertising space!

If someone in your area does have a listing already, you may be inclined to create one yourself since a potential local competitor is having all the advertising space to themselves. Since local listings are displayed at random, anyone listing in your area would have an equal chance to be displayed.