JEOPARDY, the television quiz show, will have as guests, for the “Tough Ballet” category on Tuesday 17th of November, dancers from the American Ballet Theatre who will provide insight on iconic excerpts from their repertoire.

For the second time this year American Ballet Dancers will appear on JEOPARDY. Alex Trebek who hosts the show will receive members of ABT for the “Tough Ballet” category. JEOPARDY has more than 26 million viewers each week and is the number one quiz show in the US. It was created by Merv Griffin in 1964 airing on the TV channel NBC, but today is being diffused on CBS as a production of Sony Picture Television. Contestants on the show compete by having clues answers of general knowledge provided to them and they provide the response in the form of a question. ABT dancers will find themselves responding to iconic excerpts from their repertoire. Last May, ABT’s Principal dancers Cory Stearns and Gillian Murphy, Soloists Craig Salstein and Sarah Lane along with Blaine Hoven, a member of the ballet team, also participated in the show to commemorate ABT’s 75th anniversary.

For this second occasion, ABT will also be celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary season and it seems like dancers Gillian Murphy and Cory Stearns and Blaine Hoven will take part. Their appearance last May most remembered moment, and one which ballet dancers and the viewing audience were stumped by was when contestants had to name the author who wrote the poem that inspired Giselle.

The winner can obtain a prize value of a couple of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions. Since 2002, the winner retains the value of their winnings and is invited back for the next match while a consolation prize of $2000 is provided for second place and $1000 for third place respectively. JEOPARDY also has a weekly night time syndicated edition. In all JEOPARDY is in its 32nd syndication. The program is listed in the Guinness World Record for being the TV program having won the most Emmy Awards and has also obtained the Peabody award in 2011 and last year in 2014, the Writers Guild of America award which is given to Exceptional Quiz writing for audience participating in the show..