How to say & pronounce Coupé-chassé en tournant:

koo-PAY-sha-SAY ahn toor-NAHN

What does Coupé-chassé en tournant translate to?

turning with the feet cutting and replacing each othr

A coupé-chassé en tournant is a classical ballet term that describes a step where a dancer is turning in the air in a coupé position.  More specifically, it is almost always a preparation, especially for men for grand allegro.

For example, a male dancer will commonly do a coupé-chassé en tournant before a sauté basque.  For short, it is simply called a chassé en tournant, or “en tournant preparation.”  However, it shouldn’t be confused with a similar step which is more commonly done by women, which is an actual chassé en tournant where the difference being that the legs are straight.  In a coupé-chassé en tournant there is actually a cutting or coupé action that helps gain momentum for a big jump.

Like many compound steps, it is best shown on a video or pictures.  We’ll be working on that and posting it here as soon as it is ready!