How to say & pronounce Détourné, demi:

de-mee day-toor-NAY

What does Détourné, demi translate to?

half turned aside

Demi Détourné is a classical ballet term meaning “half turn aside.”  A demi détourné is when a dancer will do a half turn on both feet on demi-pointe or pointe, while switching the position of the feet as they finish.  It gets its meaning from the ballet terms demi and detourné.

A demi detourné is seen often on in ballets performed on stage but even more during barre in a ballet class.  If a barre exercise is taught to be done to both sides without stopping, a demi detourné is usually the step that links the two sides together.  This allows for a seamless transition from the right and left sides at barre.  Even when the two sides are not asked to be done back-to-back, it is a good practice to do a proper demi detourné to finish on the other side or even as a transition before the music starts again so a dancer can keep focused.