How to say & pronounce Pas de couru:

pawh de ka-ruu

What does Pas de couru translate to?

running step

A pas de couru is a classical ballet term meaning “running step.”  It is a very common preparatory step for many grandé allegro jumps such as a grandé jeté.  A dancer doing a pas d’couru will look like they’re kicking their legs infront of themselves with a specific rhythm.  For example, a dancer will degage both legs separately in front of them in a quick 1-2 rhythm, then finish with a strong demi-plié before a large grandé battement for a big jump.

Having a good understanding of pas de couru is important for big jumps.  That’s because when a pas de couru is done properly, it provides a good rhythm for the quick muscle action needed to jump high.  Good timing allows your legs to become engaged and ready, acting like a spring board for your big jumps.