How to say & pronounce Piqué manege:

pee-kay mahn-ehj

What does Piqué manege translate to?

pique turns in a circle

Piqué manege is a common classical ballet term meaning “piqués in a circle.”  It is a shortened term that usually means “pique turns in a circle” or a “pique turn menage.”

A piqué manege is usually done in ballet class by female ballet dancers and is very commonly done in performances in female variations by advanced students and professional ballerinas.  In a variation, it usually occurs towards the end with fast music and will usually feature many different types of piqué turns, though always en dedans, in the complete manege.  For example, a ballerina may do a manege that repeats the sequence of “pique turn en passé, pique turn en passé, double step-over turn, soutenu” three times before finishing a fourth phrase with a different sequence such as continuous chaines turns.