How to say & pronounce Plié:


What does Plié translate to?

to bend

A plié is when a dancer is basically bending at the knees.  They are typically done in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th positions in classical ballet, both at the barre and center in classes.  Correct use and development of a plié is a basic but essential movement to a dancer’s technique.

Pliés are often seen before and after many more advanced steps.  They act as a sort of springboard for all jumps and are an important key for turns.  Additionally, a correct and functional plié is necessary for smooth transitions between movements.  Most importantly, a plié helps provide the proper cushioning when landing from jumps, keeping the dancer from becoming easily injured and able to dance very long ballets and dances.

The movement and position of a plié is seen throughout every form of dance.