How to say & pronounce Rond de Jambe:

rawn duh zhawm

What does Rond de Jambe translate to?

circular leg movement

Rond de Jambe is a classical ballet term meaning “round of the leg” or “circular movements of the leg.”  A Rond de jambe is a very common step and is seen done in various forms throughout ballet class and performances by both male and female ballet dancers.

Ronds de jambe, as a step, can be done a terre or en l’air. Dancers perform ronds de jambe at the bar, in the centre and in the adage and are either clockwise or counterclockwise.

There are many different types of Ronds de Jambe:

  • Rond de jambe a terre, demi: halfe rond de jambe on the ground, done both en dedan or en dehors
  • Double rond de jambe: (also a term of the Russian School for a gargouillade)
  • Rond de jambe en l’air : rond de jambe in the air
  • Rond de jambe en l’air releve: rond de jambe in the air raised, on pointe or demi-pointe
  • Rond de jambe en l’air saute : rond de jambe in the air jumping
  • Fouette rond de jambe en tournant, : rond de jambe turning and whipped
  • Rond de jambe ferme : closed after completing rond de jambe
  • Grand rond de jambe jete, : large rond de jambe thrown