How to say & pronounce Soubresaut:


What does Soubresaut translate to?

quick spring

Soubresaut is a classical ballet term describing when a dancer performs a quick jump from two feet and lands on two feet in fifth position, traveling slightly forward during the jump.  This jump is usually seen in all levels of ballet classes from beginner to professional levels by both male and female dancers.  It can also be seen by male dancers during variations as a preparation before a tour en l’air during a sequence of beated jumps.

A soubresaut might be taught as the first jump in petite allegro because there is no movement of the legs in the air.  A dancer starts in fifth position, plies, jumps in the air with fully stretched legs and feet, and lands in fifth position demi plie without having changed their feet.  Once a dancer is comfortable with this jump, the may then more easily be taught other jumps taking off and landing in fifth position, such as changement.

Arms during a soubresaut can take on many positions, very often in first or fifth position.  When done as preparation before a tour en l’air, the male usually has his arms in fourth position.