Brighton Ballet Theater

a Dance School in Brooklyn, New York

BBT is a dance school dedicated to providing the highest quality dance education for girls and boys ages 2-19, as well as adults. Through the discipline and dedication dance requires, BBT molds and develops healthy, passionate, responsible, and well-rounded individuals who have the potential to succeed in any field. BBT draws on the rich traditions of Russian ballet. In addition to teaching all students in classical ballet using the Russian Method, we teach them folk & character dance, modern and popular dance, ballroom and Latin dance, staging for the students original and contemporary choreography. Our instructors have graduated from the world's finest ballet schools & colleges and have performed with the most prestigious ballet companies throughout the world. BBT serves as a cultural oasis, keeping children off the street and bringing them into a world where imagination takes flight and all cultures flourish together. Through our dance program, more than 500 students learn ethnic dances from various regions of the world. We offer our students a rare opportunity to perform professional, full-scale ballets for family audiences throughout New York City. While performing with the most esteemed dance professionals, at the best stages, in ballets choreographed specially for them, "Children Dancing for Children" program gives our students a sense of purpose and the excitement of sharing their art and mastery with their peers.