Draper Center For Dance Education

a Dance School in Rochester, New York

In 1986, Timothy Draper opened a professional dance school in Rochester, NY called Draper Studios. He envisioned a professional training program for young students with a strong foundation in classical ballet, but also including other forms of artistic dance. The Draper Center For Dance Education is widely considered one of the top professional dance and ballet training schools in the United States. The school consistently provides the highest level of classical ballet and dance training, adhering to a curriculum that teaches formation of character, and stresses standards of excellence applicable to all areas of life. The Draper Center for Dance Education has approximately 200 students and offers a wide variety of programs in dance education; classical ballet, pointe, variations, modern and jazz. Many successful Draper graduates have joined notable professional companies including the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Houston Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet.