Hayden School of Ballet

a Dance School in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Hayden School of Ballet was founded in 1960 by Lucy Hayden. Since 1960, the studio has been offering professional dance instruction to Albuquerque and area children and adults. In Hayden's almost fifty years of existence, the school has earned a reputation for excellence. In the tradition of its founder, Lucy Hayden, the school and staff provide a warm, caring, and creative atmosphere for the aspiring dancer to grow in both self-worth and personal ability. At Hayden School of Ballet, we believe that there is no better way for a child to learn about his or her body than through movement. Every child is already a natural mover, deriving joy and confidence in every new skill they have mastered. Our program is designed to inspire any child who loves to move and encourage them to explore a movement language that nurtures imagination and sense of self while instilling the self-esteem, discipline, and focus that is needed not only for dance but for life.