Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre School

a Dance School in Missoula, Montana

Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre School opened in 1998. Charlene Campbell, dancer and choreographer, is director of the school and teaches intermediate and advanced level classes. She also serves as artistic director of Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre. The school’s integrated approach to dance brings students into the world of dance through a variety of explorations that actively engage them in perception, research, reflection, and discussion. Our curriculum develops and assists students in discerning and strengthening basic proficiencies that readily apply across the curriculum and throughout life, developing skills of analysis, abstract thinking, interpretation and problem-solving that are as relevant to studying dance work as to analyzing a work of literature or exploring physics. The curriculum includes ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, pre-ballet, and creative movement. In 2003, the school moved to its present location which has three large studios, sprung Marley floors, and spacious lobby and dressing areas.