San Francisco Ballet School

a Dance School in San Francisco, California

San Francisco Ballet School is the nation's oldest ballet school. The formidable curriculum, taught by an eminent staff, emphasizes a strong classical technique and a flow of movement that suggests a sense of energy, freedom, and joy—reflecting the kind of dancing favored by San Francisco Ballet. It is a style that readily adapts to meet the demands of any choreographer, any company, any type of movement.Girls and boys are placed in one of eight divisions according to age, experience, and ability. They follow a structured sequence of training stages designed to increase their technical skills, stamina, and discipline in accordance with their age and physical development. The program includes classes in technique, pointe work, pas de deux, men's technique, and contemporary. All classes are taught to live piano accompaniment, a crucial element in developing the child's understanding of the relationship between music and movement. Inherent in the teaching of ballet is frequent corrections. Student are verbally and/or physically guided by the teacher to ensure proper body alignment and body placement.