Official Launch of BalletHub
By BalletHub on July 16th, 2013

Welcome to BalletHub!

Ballethub home is a hub for everything ballet featuring it’s own social network, performance, school and company directory listings, interviews, technique posts and lessons from the pros and more.  Our aim is to become the largest online publication for ballet.  We have many more plans for new features but here is how we’re starting out:



Social Network Devoted to Ballet

One of our biggest features is that we have our own social network!  You can sign up for free and join one or all of our many social groups that focus on all aspects of ballet and dance.

Share pictures, make friend connections and create or join conversations in a group forum.

Sign up on BalletHub for Free

Performance, School & Company Listings

BalletHub United States MapLooking for ballet?  We’re inviting schools and companies all over the US to create listings on BalletHub for not only their organizations but also for their performances, summer programs, and summer program auditions!  The list may not be large now since we just launched, but it’ll surely be growing week by week.

Own a school or company?  You can get started on your own listing now.


Who doesn’t like free ballet stuff? We’ll be running frequent giveaways of all sorts of things ballet, including skirts, tutus, leotards, warmups, leg warmers, posters, autographs, books, DVDs… If it’s related to Ballet, you’ll likely see it given away at BalletHub!  We’ll be conducting all of our giveaways through Facebook, so if you Like BalletHub, you’ll be sure to know about it.

Interviews & Tips from the Pros

BalletHub will feature interviews with dancers, directors, choreographers and more throughout the entire year.  Our goal is to keep the interviews as diverse as possible so there is really something for everyone.  Additionally, we’ll have a section called “Tips from the Pros” where professional dancers will be sharing their insight on things ranging from ballet technique, performing, costumes, shoes, you name it.

Posts on Ballet Technique

Ballet TechniqueJust starting out in ballet or wanting to brush up on your technique?

Check out our ballet technique posts for a more academic view and approach, featuring demonstrations by professional ballet dancers.

And beyond!

At BalletHub, our aim is to continue to grow our network, bringing in even more features throughout the coming years.  Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear it.

In the meantime, please enjoy BalletHub and thank you for spreading the word.