Enjoy Mizuka Ueno and Matthew Golding in this excellent performance of the pas de deux Delibes Suite.  With choreography by José Martinez, this pas de deux has a mix of technically challenging partnering and difficult variations.

Matthew Golding dances the male variation to Delibes’ familiar music from Coppélia, making the difficult transition from a rond de jambe to arabesque into a la secondé turns into a beautiful five pirouette pull-in look second nature. Mizuka Ueno dances the Delibes Suite female variation with ease, making easy work of the difficult pirouette combinations. The coda music is once again recognized from Coppélia. As Golding makes his final turn in his manége, Ueno joins up performing her own circle of coupe jetés.  The couple dance well together and show excellent examples of clean classical technique and excitement!

This page features a ballet video titled Delibes Suite with Mizuka Ueno and Matthew Golding. The ballet dancers appearing in this ballet video include Matthew Golding, Mizuka Ueno.