Ballet fans will love this ballet video of the 3rd Act Wedding pas de deux from Don Quixote featuring dancers Leonid Sarafanov and Olesya Novikova.  This video is believed to have been recorded in 2006 and is copyright of the Mariinsky Theatre.

The beginning of this video features about 2 minutes of the “flower march” which is the music leading up to the grand pas de deux.  It shows other artists of the Mariinsky displaying excellent technique and artistry that leads way for Kitri and Basil’s pas de deux.  Also, before Basil’s variation, there is another flower girl solo.

Olesya and Leonid dance this beautifully and command attention with their beautiful lines and technique. Olesya’s Kitri variation is definitely of the “easier” variety but of course dances beautifully, while Leonid soars around the stage with his incredible and technically difficult jumps.  The pair is definitely regarded as clean and beautiful dancers.

This page features a ballet video titled Don Quixote Pas de Deux with Leonid Sarafanov and Olesya Novikova. The ballet dancers appearing in this ballet video include Leonid Sarafanov, Olesya Novikova.