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    I am an artist (err… I think so), but I am not a ballet dancer. I have been an (amateur) writer/ storyteller for many years and I have also sketched with pencils for as long as I can remember (although my drawing capabilities still look a lot more cartoonish than I would like). I want to explore and try new things, and particularly I want to find a new hobby that is much more physical in nature while still having an artistic element.

    I have watched admired classical ballet for years, but have kept my distance because of how vast and intimidating it is. It feels like exploring a far-off land inhabited some kind of exotic civilization with a completely different culture and laws from my own, and that I could never fully understand. That is the best metaphor I can think of. In addition, I am afraid to talk about it with others because I have already been bullied and teased for years by people who perceive me to be effeminate (I am a man, and heterosexual, and it irks me to no end when anyone assumes otherwise). I have never brought up the topic of ballet around my family, peers, coworkers, etc. I should probably apologize to myself for being so weak and cowardly. By the way, I am already 24 years old by now.

    I wish I could learn classical ballet. It seems like a perfect way to combine the exercise and physical fitness I sorely need with a new medium for artistic expression that I desperately want, and frankly getting to dress and act like a fairy tale prince would be wish fulfillment for me. Sadly, I fear I am much too old to begin learning to dance and I have also been notoriously klutzy and uncoordinated throughout my whole life thus far. I normally do not like to mention that I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at a very young age, but I think it is relevant to say here.

    I am sorry for rambling so much about things that are probably of very little consequence. I thought joining this forum would be a good idea to help familiarize myself with the ballet world and avoid making mistakes before I begin (assuming it is not already to late).

    Flavia Barandun
    Flavia Barandun


    I think you should definitely not give up your dream to dance. Even if ballet is a very challenging and demanding dance you can do it as a hobby and slowly get an idea how to use the right muscles. But do not expect to learn fast or being able to do everything…it is very difficult to start when you are already older. But nevertheless it can be very joyful if you physically start to learn more…also it depends very much on your body type. How flexible are you, how trained and strong?
    I highly recommend using other techniques to support your training.
    Yoga, gyrokinesic and other practices can be useful!
    If you wanna combine Yoga and your dance training you can join my free webinar where I talk more about how to live healthy as a dancer. ;)

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