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    I am an artist (err… I think so), but I am not a ballet dancer. I have been an (amateur) writer/ storyteller for many years and I have also sketched with pencils for as long as I can remember (although my drawing capabilities still look a lot more cartoonish than I would like). I want to explore and try new things, and particularly I want to find a new hobby that is much more physical in nature while still having an artistic element.

    I have watched admired classical ballet for years, but have kept my distance because of how vast and intimidating it is. It feels like exploring a far-off land inhabited some kind of exotic civilization with a completely different culture and laws from my own, and that I could never fully understand. That is the best metaphor I can think of. In addition, I am afraid to talk about it with others because I have already been bullied and teased for years by people who perceive me to be effeminate (I am a man, and heterosexual, and it irks me to no end when anyone assumes otherwise). I have never brought up the topic of ballet around my family, peers, coworkers, etc. I should probably apologize to myself for being so weak and cowardly. By the way, I am already 24 years old by now.

    I wish I could learn classical ballet. It seems like a perfect way to combine the exercise and physical fitness I sorely need with a new medium for artistic expression that I desperately want, and frankly getting to dress and act like a fairy tale prince would be wish fulfillment for me. Sadly, I fear I am much too old to begin learning to dance and I have also been notoriously klutzy and uncoordinated throughout my whole life thus far. I normally do not like to mention that I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at a very young age, but I think it is relevant to say here.

    I am sorry for rambling so much about things that are probably of very little consequence. I thought joining this forum would be a good idea to help familiarize myself with the ballet world and avoid making mistakes before I begin (assuming it is not already to late).

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