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    am i the only one who didn’t like black swan?? i know natalie portman won awards for it but it was really dark and sort of disturbing at times… none of my friends at my studio liked it either but i always wondered what other people thought.



    I dont like it much either. Definitely not the bright story of Center stage with a fun pop soundtrack :)



    I hated the movie…I think it contained every ballet cliche one could possibly think of! And although I like Natalie Portman as an actress, her ’ballet dancing’ was just not good enough to cut it – apart from the pieces done by her body double, which were lovely. And that scene where she and Mila Kunis were dancing around in rehearsal with long hair flying everywhere! Oh, please!!!! Most of my ballet friends disliked it also.



    I agree, BalletTragic.

    It really was terrible. I knew going in that it was said to be a dark movie, but was still surprised. I know Natalie Portman won an award for her acting, but I was so distracted by the plot and, like you said, the cliches, that I really couldn’t appreciate anything she was doing.



    Worst… movie… about… ballet… ever. I don’t know anyone who actually did like it, even outside of my ballet friends.



    There wasn’t nearly enough actual dancing! you can almost barely call it a “ballet movie”. And what was that version of swan lake at the end? With a big ramp? If a ballet company ever actually revamped a classical ballet that much, i hope they’d at least call it something else. Can you imagine you buy tickets for “Swan Lake” and you see that version from the movie on stage?? No thanks :)



    this is great :)

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