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    Last year I joined a ballet class and the instructor would show up late to class or not at all. Sometimes she would text the students to let them know she was sick or didn’t feel like coming. Other times, she would just not show up. She complained that the students were not advanced enough, even though this was a mixed level adult class, with hobby dancers. She would sometimes teach class but not for the full hour. Well, now that ballet school is going out of business! Is it any wonder why? Before that, they sent out all these emails begging people to come back.

    To those of you who work at dance studios, listen to the customer and if they have a valid complaint, don’t just dismiss it with “well, if you don’t like it here, you can find another ballet school.” Because they can certainly do that. Their money is YOUR money. And if they take their wallet elsewhere, you stand a chance of losing your job or your business.

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