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    I am 12 and I have been doing ballet for 7 years.

    I am currently on Grade 5 (RAD) and doing 20 min of pointe (I just started), 1 hr of Grade 5 and have been invited
    to join Intermediate Foundation for an hr. This is per week. Also, I do gymnastics for 1hr and dance at school for 40 min as well.

    I was wondering what you need for Intermediate Foundation. I know that you would need soft block pointe shoes as well as normal pointe shoes, but are there any requirements (e.g. leotard colour etc)?

    Also, what is the amount of dance you should be doing as a 12 year old serious ballet dancer?



    so for Intermediate Foundation you are required to ear pink thights, pink soft shoes (split sole or not) with ribbons, pointeshoes for the pointe section, an optional waistband and an optional head ribbon. Also you need to wear a sleevless leotard in black, royal blue, navy blue or purple. You can buy some of it at RAD Enterprises. I would ask my ballet teacher before buying anything for the examen, because teachers often times have a dress code for all of their students to wear in the examen. For example : at my ballet school we all had to wear black leotards and we had to wear a waistband.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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