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    I wanted to get a general consensus on other schools out there. My child is enrolled at a school that has a focus on ballet but still offers other classes that she takes as well. Ever since she started there, they’ve only done 3 total shows a year. 2 holiday shows and only one show at the end of the year.

    A whole year for only 3 shows doesn’t seem like a lot, but maybe it’s the norm? She’s not looking to do this professionally but enjoys it as a hobby, so I was thinking maybe it would be best to try a school that performs more so she can enjoy it more while she can. But I could also see her not wanting to move since she has friends there she’s known for many years.



    It may not seem like much, but that is probably the average. Schools, especially smaller ones, may have tighter budgets. Aside from the normal costs associated with actually running the school (rent, paying teachers, utilities among others) renting a theater and putting on a lot of shows is a big feat for many schools. I’m a volunteer at my child’s school and see first hand the amount of work that goes into putting on the shows!

    If it’s mainly a hobby and it doesn’t seem to bother her, I’d say it may not be worth it to change schools. Another school in the area may have 1 or 2 more shows a year? But you would be pulling her away from her group of friends which may not be worth it.






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    That is definitely adequate. As a dance teacher, I know how much time and work it takes to produce quality shows, I would rather have my child/students perform in three high quality shows rather than ten sloppily put together performances. Quality, now quantity. I have run my own dance program before and my students did two shows per year, a nutcracker performance in December, and a spring show in may. We did do extra performance opportunities sometimes such as parades. I also took several groups of students to a dance competition once per year. One year we attended a dance festival in Disney World. Overall, I would be more concerned with the quality of my child’s dance education, rather than how many times she performed.


    We only have 2 shows a year so 3 is pretty good. One Christmas show and one spring



    Oh yes performing about 3 times a year is pretty average. I only have a couple festivals, a holiday show, and then the end of year recital.



    At most professional schools and companies around the United States, there is usually a fall performance, a winter performance (usually holiday based), and a spring academy showcase. I think 3 times a year is a decent amount, although if what she really loves is performing, maybe finding another studio would be beneficial. Preparing for performances can take 3-4 months sometimes, so 3 performances is a good amount in my opinion. If she loves her friends at her studio and is okay with that amount of performances, I wouldn’t recommend moving studios, especially if she doesn’t plan on dancing as a career.

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