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    We at Slippers & Tutus have a blog; Thoughts from the Dance Studio, and we published a poem by one of our workers. You can read it below.

    Making A Memory

    It starts with light being shone on darkness.

    All is still then movement begins.

    Legs uncurl and then swing about.

    Colors streak across the stage.

    Spinning, leaping, motion is everywhere.

    Energy is presented to the eyes and ears.

    No speaking is done but a story is told.

    Higher and higher the pitch becomes.

    Dancers throw themselves in to the air as if trying to fly.

    The performance ends, everyone in place, a picture made of flesh.

    The world left behind returns.

    The show is over, but the memory remains.

    It is added to the collection that makes up the audience’s lives.

    It stands apart as a tiny bit of color.

    – William

    You can see other articles at We look forward to seeing you and hope you have many great performances in your future!

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