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    Christine Marie

    hi all, I need some advice. We have enrolled my daughter into a new ballet school.. It has a great reputation and we know the training is very good. However, they have leveled my daughter down..we don;t mind the level, but it is so many less hours than she wants to dance.. She will be in the car longer than she will be dancing. Should we still do it>? or should she stay at a closer school , still get good training, maybe not as good, but get stronger until she will get to the higher level and the investment in the drive will be worth it.. I don’t; know what to do.



    Maybe give the school a try for a few weeks and see if they change her placement – sometimes teachers need to see a student more than one time or get a feel for their work ethic before they can challenge them at the next level. If The school is resistant to let her advance, I would suggest staying local and maybe see if you can drop in at the other place on occasion. If your kid loves dancing, it’s more important that they are getting to dance as much as they want and can handle rather than be dancing at a more sophisticated school than for less hours. The more she exercises her technique, the stronger and better she’ll become. Hope that helps!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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