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    I’ve been dancing for 2 years. In the previous studio I was able to take classes with, I was a Junior Company dancer. Just before me and my family moved, I participated in auditions for Senior Company. Due to not being able to stay for when the classes would’ve started if I had made it, I went just for the experience. The owner of the studio and my teacher both agreed I would have made it to Senior Company.

    The new studio I will most likely be taking classes at has scheduled me for several placement classes next week. Due to moving, I haven’t been able to take any classes for about 3 weeks.
    We went to one of two of their yearly recitals. Their dancers had great technique, grace, and musicality as well as emotion. I was very impressed.

    From what they’ve heard, the director wants to put me in their Pre-Professional program, Ballet 3 as well as pointe classes (I’ve been En Pointe since just after Christmas of 2018), but I’m not sure I’m ready for that level technically speaking and maturity in movements, yet the class below I feel like I would need to be higher to challenge myself.

    The director said that the placement classes will consist of mostly academics (and of course actually dancing), but because I’ve only been dancing 2 years, so I don’t know nearly everything at the level she wants to place me in – dancing wise and technical terms & meanings.
    My teacher from the previous studio was still showing me moves all of the other girls in my class knew, which concerns me because I feel like I should know it by now and it might effect where the new studio levels me – which is fair, but frustrating.

    Their studio also has male dancers. I’ve never done any partnering work before, or even had the thought of doing it cross my mind, honestly.

    During stretching for splits, I pushed myself too hard after getting into my left split for the second time by leaning forward to get my head to my knee etc causing me to hurt/sprain (I’m not sure of the correct term.) a muscle in my leg about a month and a half ago. I’m doing better now, but occasionally it still bothers me a lot.

    So I guess my questions are these:

    1. Is it normal to doubt capability because of not dancing for very long and/or should I be concerned about certain things I don’t know yet the this level should?

    2. How do I get over awkwardness about the thought of partnering?

    3. Is it okay to push myself a bit even though my leg still bothers me? because it feels like I’m getting absolutely nowhere with it and it’s very frustrating. I’ve been trying to take it slow.

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