Remembering Ballet Combinations?

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    Currently 18 and started an adult ballet class a few months ago.

    I’ve found I struggle trying to remember the ballet combinations the teacher demonstrates.
    More specifically centre work. When watching the teacher demonstrate it, I watch closely and even follow along just to be sure,
    but when it comes time for us to do it ourselves, my mind just goes blank.

    If someone is standing in front of me and I’m able to look down, I can easily follow along with almost no issues.
    But the moment I’m on my own, elevator music plays in my head and I forget everything.

    I’ve studied up on remembering combinations and I can definitely say I’m a visual learner rather than an audio learner.
    But it’s still no good the moment I’m on my own.
    One video said not to follow along when the teacher demonstrates and to just mentally note what they do, so I tried that but it made things even more confusing.

    Anyone have any advice? All is appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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