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    I am a dance teacher looking into different options to move forward with a degree in dance education. One program that I know of is the degree programs offered through the Royal Academy of Dance. I’m specifically interested in the BA in dance education. I would do this course online as I do not want to move to England. Most of the dance training I received was through an RAD affiliated ballet school, although I did study one year at a Vaganova school. Has anyone taken any of the RAD courses? I’ve contacted them regarding entry requirements but I find their information somewhat vague. Any information would be helpful! If anyone knows of any other programs besides RAD that offer an online option please let me know! Also, I am open to discussing any pros and cons of the RAD dance method! I am undecided on which method of ballet I would like to move forward in.


    Kate Riegler

    Hello Minnimouseballerina,

    I actually did the RAD’s Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma on site in London. It is a fantastic program and I gained so much through it. I would say you would gain similarly from the BA program. Something to consider would be your goals and the purpose for which you want this training. Are you based in the US? I’ve often found there to be a mixed reception of the RAD here. Furthermore, if you are wanting to teach in universities, they are hesitant to acknowledge the training (but would probably prefer the BA to what I have). If you are wanting to be able to train students for exams, there are several ways to become a Registered Teacher with the RAD. The RAD is a wonderful system and I enjoy utilizing the skills I’ve Honed through their thorough teacher training. All the best!

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