Starting Dance Classes? What to Expect!

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    Another theme I have noticed on the interwebs is what should adults expect when starting ballet/dance classes. There are a lot of answers to this question and I know it can be intimidating walking into the unknown and I wanted to help out others and start a discussion on this topic.

    What I have found is a variety of things..

    1. Dress Code – It’s not all leotards and tights. Many ballet schools are relaxed for dress code and t-shirts, yoga pants, socks are acceptable. Many schools will require that you wear ballet slippers (not pointe’s just yet!). You will want to have your hair pulled back and secure too. Nothing like a ponytail to whip you in the face when turning. Any school you are looking into taking classes, just ask what kind of dress code they have for adults. When buying dance gear (Leotards, tights, shoes, etc.) I highly recommend going to your local dance store and not buying online. Dance sizes can be different from street sizes, especially shoes! So trying things on is important.

    2. How do I choose? How do I know what school to go to? – I suggest doing an internet search for local schools and start looking them up. Most schools post their schedules online. If you don’t see an adult beginner/open class listed or it’s at a time you can’t attend. Call them! Sometimes their schedule has changed and you may just be in luck. It may be good to try a couple of different schools until you find one where you are comfortable. Many adult classes are paid by “per class” so you won’t be locked into a contract rate or anything. I also have found good schools when shopping in my local dance supply stores. They are very knowledgeable not just about products but schools too!

    3. Is it expensive? – It depends on how many classes you take a week/month and it’s usually no different from a gym membership.

    4. Am I going to have to be in a performance/recital? – You don’t have to be and it depends on if your school has their adult classes perform. I know some who participate in the productions of the company associated with their school and some who choose to just take classes.

    There is lots more to discuss…what is a good tip you would pass on to others wanting to start ballet/dance as an adult?



    expect to be hard to adjust first

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